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We Internship Support would like to welcome all the students, individuals and professionals from around the globe to join our program in Nepal. We provide facilities of internship, volunteering, research, fixing for documentary or filmmaking opportunities. Internship support is a uniquely designed program for those who are willing to learn new things in new ways with practical experiences. The main objective of this program is to help encourage the professional and personal development of students. We focus mainly on career and skills development. Our program is feasible for college, university and post-graduate students. Here you’ll be provided with opportunities to work with experienced professionals. Internship Support is providing amiable service to people on the scale of students to professionals.

Our volunteering program aims at promoting volunteering in different institutions like orphanage and teaching English in Monasteries and Schools. You can play with children in orphanage and experience the daily life of Monks and Nuns alongside while teaching in the Monastery.  Healthy interaction between teachers and students in the school is sure to develop a better understanding towards Nepali people, culture and lifestyle.

The main objective of our research program is to build a fine platform where the university students and professional researchers can perform research in any subject related to Nepal. We have basically two types of research programs:

1. One is thesis writing for the students of Bachelors and Master level.
2. The other one being freelance research in which interns can construct a research report of the research they conducted. Our team of experienced professionals will always be there like a halo, providing all kinds of support.

Besides this, Internship Support is also ready to arrange your travel and trek schedule. Not to forget, we will also be organizing educational tour for the students from different faculties in the universities to school students.

We are committed in providing a peaceful professional environment to the students with all basic accommodations like Internet 24/7, residential facilities including three meals a day. We have special concern in the privacy of students.

We organize weekly interaction program with experts in various subjects, and correspondent cultural tour and hiking. Besides that we do documentary shows related to different social issues a day in a week.

We will also provide an Internship Completion Certificate and an Employer Reference Letter. This will help during the post-graduation job search.

So in a nutshell, Internship Support walks along with the motif of promoting cultural exchange which will help to build a strong cultural and behavioral bond between people from different parts of the world. Students from the western and mid-eastern world will get to witness a totally different interface here in Nepal, which will help to implant the uniqueness in the visitors mind. That way we will be promoting tourism in a vital way. Do come visit Nepal through Internship Support, and join the program with us. We Internship Support care about all.