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Human Right Research

The aim of the photojournalism internship programme is to encourage photo enthusiastic people who are willing to get experience in the field of photography or photojournalism. Internship Support Programme (ISP) is a platform which is open for the students from beginner to professional level. We have three different categories of internship support programme.

1. Basic in Photojournalism/Photography

This programme is targeted to the people who wish to build their career in the field of photojournalism/photography. In this program, our experienced photo tutor provides basic training on how to operate a camera. It is useful for those people who have DSLR camera but they do not have knowledge on how to operate in manual mode.

Interns will learn about basic theoretical and practical aspects of photography. It includes definition of photography, about camera, basic controls: Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, focusing etc. They will know about composition, light, use of flash, photography of moving objectives, night photography etc.  

The basic class will be completed within one week, after which our experienced photojournalist will take the interns/ students to the field for photography practice. We regularly organize cultural and landscape photography tours, and night and news photography practice.


 2. Freelance photojournalism internship

The duration of this programme will be one to five months. Interns will work with experience photojournalist. He will help you to make photo story/photo documentary, photo features, happening photos and so on.

Students will be given cultural orientation which will be instrumental to identify the consequences and causes of social issues like: child labor, human trafficking, exploitation, and cultural events etc. After identifying these issues, internship coordinator will provide a brief work plan describing the story angle and the location.

For the photo features, students will be informed about the cultural events like Hindu wedding, death ceremony and numerous festivals on daily basis. Likewise internship coordinator will notify about the grave happenings in the city like rallies, protest etc. which will be good for daily happening pictures.

Coordinator will try to send some good photos to the local media like national and local daily newspapers, online news portals. We will gather and send photos to national dailies like: The Kathmandu Post, The Rising Nepal, My Republica, The Himalayan Times etc. In this programme students can work in an environment similar to a news room.

'Intensive Freelance Photojournalism Internship' provides interested students or volunteers an opportunity to explore & work with Nepal’s majestic culture, beauty, people and media outlets. Our program consists of 4 main components:

In this program experienced photojournalists coordinate, make regular assignments, make work plans and facilitate them to develop photo stories, photo documentaries, photo essays, photo features etc.

Under this program students can explore issues, conduct research and collect information themselves. Those international students and volunteers who are not available to work in media house and want to do freelance internships, this is also a notable option.


3. Photojournalism internship with local media:

Nepal is a new democratic and republican country where media is completely free.  Nepali board site national daily newspapers and magazines need photojournalists. Those who are able to operate camera properly and are experienced in journalism we will arrange placements for them in different newspapers.

For the placement in the newspaper, we will need your CV and application at least a month earlier. We’ll send your CV to the newspapers. We only encourage those students who are capable enough to operate camera in manual mode, can edit photos and write captions properly. Placement in the newspaper is a time bound job so you should work full office hour (seven hours per day, six days in a week).